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Dr. med. univ. Kamil Akhundov


Dr. med. univ. Kamil Akhundov, as an extensively trained and experienced plastic surgeon, provides you the whole range of plastic aesthetic surgical and non-surgical treatments. Whether you want a minimal correction, or a comprehensive change, Dr. Akhundov will match your goals and achieve stunning results that do not only improve your appearance but also your self confidence. He believes that a successful aesthetical surgery and/or dermatological treatment should lead to a more beautiful and at the same time  natural look. Dr. Akhundov believes, that the work of a plastic and aesthetic surgeon, involves both artistic and surgical skills as well as intuition, creativity and sense of aesthetics in conjunction with extensive surgical experience.


Education and special trainings


  • Studies and doctorate degree at Karl-Franzen-University, Graz (Austria)
  • 4 years training in general surgery in Switzerland
  • Rigorous training and specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Southafrica including complex face skull surgery and plastic surgery of children
  • During the last two years of his studies and also during his training in Southafrica he worked at private clinics to complete his experience in the whole range of ästhetic and plastic surgery
  • Fellowship for micro surgery and hand surgery in Ogori, Japan; special training in micro surgery and super micro surgery
  • Senior assistant doctor and specialized in hand surgery in Switzerland, certification by European Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • He became self-imployed in Lausanne together with the worldwide renowned specialist for plastic surgery Dr. Ulrich Kesselring
  • 2013 Senior specialized doctor and director of plastic surgery at the Nelson Mandela Academic Teaching Hospital in Umtata, Southafrica
  • He worked at the Charité Berlin with Prof. Thorsten Zubier in the field of dermatology and allergology with focus on chemotherapy, UV therapy and ECP therapy for different dermatological deseases.
  • He worked in the field of dermatology and allergology with Dr. Christian Kors in a practise im Berlin Weißensee
  • Since 2015 self-employed in Berlin, founder of Stunning You Clinic in the center of Berlin



European Board of Plastic Surgery, Swiss Board of Plastic Surgery, International Hand and Micro Surgery Fellowship Japan and Institute for Plastic Surgery Southafrica[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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